Monday, April 28, 2008


Track and a leap. Clearing the hurdles and setting a record.

mp_track01/SPORTS/Morgan Petroski/041408


Ah a girl after my own heart! Cooking at age 4 and loving pink! I told her I would turn the kitchen pink and she loved it! She kept eyeing up my equipment and wanted to see the photos. She was super cute!

mp_kidfood02/FOOD/Morgan Petroski/041308

mp_kidfood03/FOOD/Morgan Petroski/041308

Topes Tower

Not quite the 'Tower of Terror' at MGM, but exciting for the kiddies. The guys operating it let me ride it and preceded to warn me about the drops. After the tiny weenie drops I got off and they wanted to know if it made me sick or affected me. I told them I grew up at the theme parks in Florida and they laughed.

mp_topetower01/METRO/Morgan Petroski/041408

mp_topetower02/METRO/Morgan Petroski/041408


Dog parade/walk/costume contest and fund-raiser. There are so many dog-people here it was a surprisingly fun event.

mp_petparade01/METRO/Morgan Petroski/041308

Tax Day

I am waaaaaay behind on my posting but luckily I was NOT behind on doing my taxes! A few days before tax day I remembered about these people that had been standing on the sides of the road for the tax services for the past few months. They were very nice and I think I kept them entertained for about an hour of their long day.

mp_taxfeech/METRO/Morgan Petroski/040908

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Train Laugh

A historic steam engine is being restored for the state's centennial in 2012. The governor flew in to sign a piece of paper about it. This guy's laugh was much more attention grabbing during the press conference. Good thing he thought the governor's jokes were so funny.

mp_train01/METRO/Morgan Petroski/040808

Juvenile Jail

Does anyone else get sent on as many jail assignments as me? Maybe I just pay more attention to them because I always compare them to the Ecuador experience. This youth rehabilitation detention center is getting a makeover. Although food isn't going to be part of the makeover the guys said they go to bed hungry and will eat each other's food if a guy doesn't make it to the table in time. And the food isn't even good they said.

Juvenile Jail

Unhappy Catch

Ah Tingley Beach, not a beach, but lots of stocked fish in the man-made ponds. It was the boy's first fish. Once it started bleeding and flipping around and splattering blood everywhere they were not as excited.

Unhappy Catch