Wednesday, May 21, 2008


When you turn 102 years old you can do exactly what you want. This fabulous woman did just that. After cutting her own cake she licked the knife... much to her family's dismay. I loved it.

mp_102_04/RR/Morgan Petroski/051408

Quilt Light

A quilt show and wine festival put all the beautifully colored quilts in the darkest tent I've seen. I wandered row after row until seeing this little guy who had pulled apart some curtains to make light to write down his vote for favorite quilt.

mp_quiltwine01/RR/Morgan Petroski/051108

Lost to the Fire

What a day this was. A reporter and myself went to see the area that had seen the most homes lost to the Trigo fire. We didn't know what we would find. I didn't think we'd find this. The fire was so intense it took out almost everything in this neighborhood. Only a few structures remained scattered amongst those burnt to the ground. The look on the faces of the residents who had returned to dig through their homes was of shock. Many didn't want to talk, which was understandable, so we left them alone to deal with their loss. A few were going to rebuild but they knew it would never be the same. The lush forest they once lived in was now row after row of blackened trees, which will soon fall to the ground.

mp_sherwood02/METRO/Morgan Petroski/050808

mp_sherwood03/METRO/Morgan Petroski/050808

Friday, May 02, 2008


Yesterday I covered the Trigo Fire but they wouldn't let us near the real fire. I tried everything. No dice. So I waited for last minute evacuees to come out. This man rode his horse out to safety.

mp_trigo/METRO/Morgan Petroski/050108

Church o' Beethoven

This is where I would be every Sunday morning, if I weren't working. Not really church at all except for a few minutes of silence for a personal religious moment and "offering" to keep the artists coming every Sunday. A violin solo, readings from "On the Road," an accordion duo and of course a string quartet playing Beethoven to wrap things up. Awesome light for photos too. Hopefully I'll get to go again at some point.

mp_beethoven02/METRO/Morgan Petroski/042708

mp_beethoven03/METRO/Morgan Petroski/042708

mp_beethoven/METRO/Morgan Petroski/042708

mp_beethoven06/METRO/Morgan Petroski/042708

mp_beethoven/METRO/Morgan Petroski/042708

302 Years

Albuquerque turned 302 this year. Quite an old city. And of course there's a party, like every year.

mp_founder01/METRO/Morgan Petroski/042008

mp_founder04/METRO/Morgan Petroski/042008


Elementary and middle school mediators were honored with a day of partying in the park. They got to skip school and Miss New Mexico sang for them. Even though it was one of the coldest days of April they could have cared less.

mp_mediators02/Specialsections/Morgan Petroski/041708

A Mother's Love

Daniel Tallouzi is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is the most severely brain damaged veteran from the Iraq War. His family however are the strongest and friendliest people I have met so far in ABQ. He has finally returned home to Albuquerque after a year and a half of treatment at various other (larger) rehabilitation centers on the east coast. His mother, Mary, knew it was time to bring him home, and I could tell she was glad to be home as well. She has given up everything in her life to be his everything. And although he can not speak or motion she continues to be there for him through it all. As mother's day approaches her love and strength for him reminds me why we should all shower our mothers with thanks.

mp_tallouzi02/A1/Morgan Petroski/041008