Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Florida Snow
Thursday night there was a snow flurry "warning." Rob put me on "snow patrol."
Here's what Trish and I found at midnight.
Some hole punches, two alien bees and some gels. :)
It was actually kinda chilly, but there were absolutely no flurries, atleast not in my backyard.


Competition time for UF Gymnastics.
So this stuff is fun.
Hope I get to shoot it again.
And they are another Gator team ranked #1!

New Attraction

Yes that's the name of this elaborate salon.It's definitely an attraction, of sorts.

I like the lady napping on the right. This is an alternate version of the one I turned in.
In that one the woman is awake.

UF v Alabama Basketball

JUMP!Scary game... we were down at half-time but the Gators brought it back for a win in the second half.

Vertical, Horizontal and Square

My assignment:
Portrait of high school goalie, vertical, horizontal and square, because the design team requested it. Now don't discriminate, what about circle?

The horizontal was the first we did and ended up being the one to run. I was kind of proud of the square because this was a last minute assignment and I had about 30 mins to brainstorm anything. The goalie liked the horizontal the most too so I'm sure it made his day when that one ran.
I know generally we shouldn't let our subjects see the photos as the portrait progresses, but in this case it got the guy more and more pumped to keep jumping for me. So whatever works I suppose. Oh I really don't think he was too impressed with the square one but who argues with a young girl photographer who your soccer buddies are flirting with? ;)

Seeking Sandhills

Birds are not always cooperative.
A sandhill crane bird walk turned into seeing them from a far distance. I had a 400mm with me and that barely helped. The photo of the cranes flying overhead was majorly cropped but it held up. We ended up seeing more sparrows and herons.
We also saw lots of alligators sunning themselves since it was morning and chilly, they were all out on the banks trying to get warm.


CPR class

I kept waiting for all the students to walk away and leave the mannequins laying there, it didn't happen.

Too many behind bars

So apparently our jail is a bit overcrowded.

We've covered this story at least 3 times in the past 2 years I've been working at the Sun, mainly sitting at the archive computer.
The same day I went to photograph the mug shot area I got a mini tour to the holding areas to take these overcrowded photos.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Waiting for late assignments

Found myself waiting around today for two assignments to start late. Bored, I played with flashes. Hope this wasn't the face I greeted my late subjects with.

Jail time.

Mug shot dirt
I had to shoot the area where the mug shots are taken once a person enters the county jail. After closer inspection I noticed the eerie greasy dirty outline where everyone stands. Of course this was right after I too stood in that spot for another photo angle.
Showering couldn't happen quick enough that day.

Bunny Love

Fuzzy loving animals are irresistible.
February is national adopt a rabbit month.
Gainesville Rabbit Rescue was at PetsMart trying to find homes for the critters.

Soul Searching

Sunday Church Service

and one I didn't turn in but kept for myself...
this little girl was next after another girl fell to the floor.

Gator Hoops

UF v Tennessee
Gators 94 - Volunteers 78

And an out-take:
Al Horford looking a bit holy.


Plow Days at Dudley Farm
Large horses, slightly scared children and people who
thought I was going to get "run over" by the horses. Another day on the farm.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Gymnast & Rain rain rain...

First Assignment: UF Gymnast
Freshman Amanda Castillo has joined the UF gymnastics team from Orlando, Fla. I got to use my lights for this shoot and realized I need more extension cords or just need to get a battery pack so I don't have to rely on outlets.

Rainy Weather Feature
I followed around Buddy Barnard for about 30 mins in the pouring rain during part of his daily mail route in downtown Gainesville. He knows each one of the residents he delivered mail to and knows the history of the neighborhood. He's been delivering mail in Gainesville since the year I was born. And most of his time has been in the neighborhood that I walked with him through. He said, "If you don't know people, you don't know their mail."