Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tweet Tweet


A Sunday Bird Expo kept me surrounded by feathered friends.


Sports sports sports.

A short lived schedule change gave me Friday night lights practice, on top of other high school sports...








Midway @ the Fair


Saturday, September 20, 2008

.NM State Fair Queen.

Thank you ladies for allowing me to hang around during the speech competition!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A dive.

The pool had re-opened and a feature photo was needed. This little guy was having fun diving although his father kept correcting his form.


Lobos Tab 1

I was assigned to photograph Louie Lobo and Lucy Lobo for various sports tabs throughout the season. I had about one hour to get as many different cover shots as I could that could be saved and used for different games. It was high pressure but very fun. I'm going to publish them on here as they are published. So here's the first and probably my favorite from the night. The poor girl dressed as Lucy Lobo had to keep jumping on my command and I know she could barely hear me yelling "1, 2, 3..." through the costume.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Slew of portraits.

Lately it seems as if I've been on portrait detail. Just my imagination I'm sure...

UNM's new announcers were shot in the studio, where I attempted some film noir look. It sorta worked I suppose. Next was a quick office shot of two Sandia Lab researchers who helped crack the anthrax case. They were finally given clearance to talk about their work last month. Then I photographed a Picuris Pueblo potter. And finally a man who has worked at a local hospital for nearly 47 years cleaning surgery tools.

And there are more portraits of UNM's Louie and Lucy Lobo, but they haven't ran yet, so I'll hold off on those for now.


mp_anthrax04/A1/Morgan Petroski/082108

mp_picuris01/ARTS/Morgan Petroski/081308

mp_lucero01/A1/Morgan Petroski/081808


This was for a story about how Argentine tango is growing in Albuquerque. Dance is still my favorite thing to photograph. Some things never change. :)

mp_tango04/ARTS/Morgan Petroski/081208

Glowing light

Cross-country running practice one afternoon as the sun was setting. Man I love the light out here. Still it does amaze me. I try not to use fill-flash (yeah sorry photo editors who like fill-flash) when I can use the natural southwest glowing light instead.

mp_gonzales/RR/Morgan Petroski/081108

It's September.

A year anniversary of my landing in Duke City has come and gone. As year two creeps by I realize suddenly that I will begin to see things repeat themselves, events, holidays, etc. As obvious as this is to many, I see it presenting a challenge, at least for the first repeat year. Last year I saw the city and community with fresh eyes. Seeking creativity out of yearly events is my job now. I know what to expect and somehow feel as if the city doesn't have much more to show me. Now I know this to be not true, but with the state fair and balloon fiesta coming up next on the calendar it's what I'm facing. Maybe in a week this feeling will have passed. Maybe this is me finally realizing I'm here for good (for now). Maybe it won't be as hard as I'm imagining. Maybe.

Show me what you've got Albuquerque...