Thursday, July 24, 2008


I wish this sprayground was a hair higher for us grown people. It looked soooo fun. Summer is almost over...

mp_sprayfeech01/METRO/Morgan Petroski/072308

Broken Amanda

One of our reporters, Amanda, wrote a first-hand story about her soccer career and the numerous injuries that came along with it. I didn't know a person could break both arms four times each.

mp_amandasoccer/GO/Morgan Petroski/070308

Thursday, July 03, 2008

End of the Trail

This was an assignment I wish I had known about beforehand. It would have made a nice multimedia. Next year. Next year. Single Action Shooting Society's final event of the year is considered the world championship for the shooters and brought participants from around the world.

mp_SASS01/MVT/Morgan Petroski/062208

mp_SASS04/MVT/Morgan Petroski/062208

mp_SASS06/MVT/Morgan Petroski/062208

mp_SASS02/MVT/Morgan Petroski/062208

Obama comes to ABQ

Last week Barack Obama visited Albuquerque to hold a town hall style meeting with women workers. It was by invite only and included Flying Star female employees of all positions... and the media. I think there were as many of us as there were women, and there were only about 30 of them. We all squeezed into a corner of the Flying Star warehouse that had been transformed into a set with hung lights and all. Us media were roped off, as is normal. (If one of us were to get loose it would be disaster.) And we waited. We were told to be there at 10 or 10:30, I forget which now. But he didn't make his grand entrance and speech until 12 or 12:30. Not too bad of a wait actually, they had set up free wifi for us so the time went by fast. Obama's media handlers... yes I know there's a better word for them, but I forget it... they were super nice and easy to work with, even let me stand in a different taped off spot than assigned. Two thumbs way way up for their help and service.

mp_obama05/METRO/Morgan Petroski/062308

mp_obama02/METRO/Morgan Petroski/062308

mp_obama01/METRO/Morgan Petroski/062308

mp_obama06/METRO/Morgan Petroski/062308

mp_obama/METRO/Morgan Petroski/062308