Friday, March 30, 2007

Gators make it to the Final Four

During the game.
Welcoming the team home at the airport.

Dog Feech

The dogs made a cute enough feature but then the little girl got her hair caught in the dog's leash.

House Fire

Kanapaha Garden Spring Festival

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Flowers

Three-legged feature

Eastside high schoolers took a break on their way back from a field trip to GRU for some time in a park. Three-legged races make anyone's day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Infamous Grease Trap

Nasty grease that made my day.

Prairie Features

It was a lovely pink and orange sunset and as soon as the sun was below the horizon this gator rose out of the water and started bellowing. I'm pretty sure it was a mating sound. The other roadside spectators and I were in complete shock. It was quite an experience, one that I may never see again.


Being sprayed with rubber pieces, not bad until it's stuck on the camera and face.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pinewood Derby

Boy Scout event.
Girl Scouts don't do this.

Gator Gymnastics

Eastside Sports

I have some weird Eastside connection, every assignment having to do with Eastside I get. And then my feature? Oh the Eastside tennis team that just happened to be practicing at some public park.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baseball Field Re-opening

Diamond Sports Park Re-opens
these cute little guys made local centerpiece.
they were warming up before their first game.

although a hard read, the guy jumping up on the left was hilarious.
all of a sudden he would propel himself upward and wiggle around like a fish to watch the opening ceremony. because they were the older boys they got the back row.

Urban Meyer, Chris Leak and Dallas Baker showed up to say some inspirational things during the opening ceremony and were later bombarded by requests for autographs. I some how worked myself into the dugout with Dallas Baker and was literally trapped in there until the sea of little children parted so the first game could start.

Youth Fair: aka lots of cows

So I didn't know after you wash a cow for competition you dry it off with a vacuum type apparatus. Surprisingly the cows don't seem to mind.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Playground feech with hometown connection

Last minute feature was needed and after talking to this little girl's grandmother turns out they were from the Daytona area, just in town visiting a family friend in the hospital. They even had a connection to Spruce Creek.
Small world.


First time in a bee suit for me. The poor reporter was stung. I had about 2 or 3 bees that didn't like me and kept buzzing around me the entire time. I was almost sure I'd be stung next but luckily I walked away unharmed.

Fast Harleys

Gainesville's part of Bike Week.

Monday, March 19, 2007

India Fest 2007

What a great time! I could have stayed there all day. I shot India Fest two years ago and boy has it grown in just that amount of time. This year I did a multimedia slide show meaning I needed a wide variety of photos. Sound was kept simple and was actually harder than anticipated to capture because of the volume.
Soundslides: India Fest 2007

Perfect 10 for Melanie Sinclair

She kicked butt once again on the uneven bars.

Gymnastics is getting easier and easier to shoot.
The hardest thing to conquer is the timing, but I've adapted to it much faster than other sports because of it's similarity to dance. The one thing I have figured out though is that in mid-flip the muscles sometimes look really distorted so even though it might be the perfect moment if their muscles look all weird I'll try to find another.

Chirping Feature...

I saw the feed store sign announcing "the chicks are here" so I spent an hour and a half waiting around for a customer to at least come in and look at the chicks. Only one did but she didn't want to be in the paper. Argh. I hate that answer, doesn't everyone want to be in the paper at some point? Maybe not. But they should.
One chick kept getting her head stuck in between the wires, even though the others figured out how to poke their heads out and bring them back in. I could see this little one getting exhausted from trying to pull her head back in so I had to help. I some how pulled the wires apart just enough and poked her so she would try again. Success.

Gator Women Basketball

from their last home game...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fuzzy Feature

This feature is from a few weeks ago but so funny I had to post it despite the shelf life.
The bunnies weren't too sure of what to do on a leash.
Their owners on the other hand wanted them walking/hopping around.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

HM for Sun in POYi

The G'ville Sun won an Award of Excellence for photo column with an entry made up of 3 pages/stories, one by Alex, one by Jarrett and one by me, none of us staffers.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Church portrait of remodeled church and pastor.
Took a bit of time for him to get comfortable leaning on the pew.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday made me very reminiscent of my 9 years of Catholic School.
I followed an eighth grade glass back to their bus and I couldn't believe that was once me.

No Sandhill Cranes but lots of other Wildlife

During a morning of failed Sandhill Crane photos I took these two "other" bird photos, neither ran.

Confederates and Yankees

I drove all the way out to Olustee for a Civil War re-enactment.
I didn't realize media had special seating back in the day.
The media area was front and center and I happily signed a waiver for priority seating.

Cold Morning Marathon

This guy actually won the half-marathon.
This was taken right after I realized I lost my pager and decided the start of the race might be a bad thing to miss if I went looking for it.
It was found and returned to me just a few days later.

Step Show

Just a bit behind here on posts.Step show rehearsal.