Friday, March 31, 2006

Back from Break!

Back and ready to roll...
I actually had more work than appears here because most assignments were being held for the weekily papers that come out on Thursday.
The Party Shop - I shot this before brake but it was finally published while I was gone. I thought another portrait I had from the store was better, but oh well. It was published in a small magazine called B2B, Business to Business, that circulates in Ocala and Gainesville.

Day 2 of the Pine Oaks Invitational Golf Tournament was the big event for Sunday. I feel I did better shooting golf, but then they go and print the easiest shots to get that I turned in. The other highlight of the day was learning to drive a golf cart for the first time. Okay I know it's not that hard but I was by myself with my two cameras bouncing all over on the course.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman - Once again they didn't publish my favorite photo, grr..., in either publishing of this article! The article ran twice, once in the next day paper of the Star-Banner and again in the weekly edition of The Villages paper.

Another photo that didn't make it to the "reprint" page but did appear in the online version of the article was a portrait of Maria Rea. Here's that article:

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