Monday, May 15, 2006

Flag Football

Forest High School played in the championship flag football game on Saturday. Knowing there was to be no legal tackling allowed I wondered how exciting this would be for a photo package, to my delight both girls teams were fierce! They both wanted that championship title and thus about 1 and a half hours late, the game started. The game was tight and at halftime neither team had scored. By the end of the game however, Forest High had 12 points and North Marion High had none.
Needless to say all 40-50 girls on the Forest High team were excited. They were screaming and hugging and hamming it up for the camera, which of course you don't want too much of since as a photojournalist you want to be invisible. So it was a challenge as I was the only photographer and every single girl knew where I was at all times. Grr.
So here's what ran. (Again, not my favs.)

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