Friday, August 25, 2006

First multimedia piece!

Bluegrass in the Park.
This was part of an article on free things to do in Ocala. ARTICLE
Just scroll down the article and you'll see a link for the slideshow.
I sure learned a lot from this first project. Definately use some kind of mic to cut down on background noise and WIND! Darn wind. I used Audacity to edit the sound and Soundslides to create the slideshow. All in all it took me two days to do the project, that includes learning the two afore mentioned programs. I think the slideshow turned out a little long, but after losing the audio track halfway through creating it, I was just glad to be able to rebuild it quickly. From now on though slideshows will be 3 mins max. But anyways, I am excited about this multimedia stuff now and can't wait to do another project!

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