Monday, September 04, 2006

Plane Crash

Yesterday I had 3 short little assignments in the early afternoon. I got them done pretty fast, not because I was rushing but because they were very simple. So I finish my assignments and head home for the day. Home is 45 mins from the office and the city of Ocala.
At about 6:45 pm I get a call from one of the Ocala editors telling me there's been a plane crash and he can't get a hold of any other photographers. So I begin my mad dash back to Ocala. Turns out all the photographers were out of town and one was in church until 8 pm.
The 2-seated airplane crashed in a peanut field a little south of Ocala. Hiking across the peanut field was interesting. I was praying for no snakes. The plants were almost up to my knees.
The occupants of the plane died upon impact, an elderly man and woman. They couldn't be identified when I was on scene. The small plane was registered in Louisiana so the people were most likely not locals.
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