Friday, July 13, 2007

Very last Gainesville Sun assignment. :(

My last day has come and gone now.
I am going to miss the staff at the Sun more than they know.
Over two years ago I began as the photo lab tech hoping that every once in a while I would get to shoot something, anything.
I lived in the back of the photo room watching and listening to everything that happened around me, the whole time I should have been taking notes for a book. It's interesting what you observe from the back of the room.
Oh my last day I cried just a bit, I'll admit it.
It's a good thing Trish walked out with me when I finally did leave, I needed her there.

But don't get me wrong I am REALLY excited to be starting in Albuquerque on Monday!!

So my very last assignment was to photograph Ryan Lochte, a fellow Spruce Creek High alumni, who is at UF and training for the Olympics.
It's funny and ironic that my last assignment had a connection to my high school where I began with photography. High school seems so long ago now; it's amazing how time flies.


Jarrett Baker said...

The first picture captures his personality perfectly, I think. Good luck in NM, we'll miss you around here.

Unknown said...

I've got some big shoes to fill, good stuff Morgan. I was going to ask you--I just got an apartment right across the street from the Sun for 290/mo. Do you know anything about the apartments? Seemed like a good deal, what's your opinion?

John Freeman said...

Odette -- You still checking your UFL email account? I've sent a couple things since you left here...please let me know.