Monday, September 10, 2007

UNM v NMSU 2007

I have figured out how to post Soundslides into Blogger! (Actually with some help from SS's own Joe Weiss. THANKS!!) So here is my first multimedia piece for the Journal. I suggested it after realizing it's most likely the biggest game of the season and the first home game. I was responsible for some of the feature photos, sound and final production. The photos included were taken by staff photographer Jim Thompson, fellow intern Shaminder Dulai and myself. I upgraded to Soundslides Pro and enjoyed using it without any problems!


David Hobby said...


That's really cool about the Soundslides-to-blogger thing. You should post a tutorial. A lot of people would be interested in that!

(And, GOG8ORS. It's especially nice to watch them when you are far from G-ville -- although I had to watch them on Yahoo! Sports today...)

-David Hobby

Steve Pfost said...

How, do you post it to blogger?