Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Visit from the Dark Side

This year's balloon fiesta had a new visitor. Darth Vader. It was most likely the crowd favorite since it easily attracted the largest crowd each morning it took off and had many children and adults carrying around light sabers all day long. A few of us photographers decided to put together a group Soundslides on the Darth Vader balloon and decided to wait until Special Shapes day to do it. It was a long day but worth it in the end. And I got to practice my French with the Belgian crew that flew the balloon. It was some butchered French but who would have guessed I would get to use French in New Mexico.

Thanks Benoit Lambert and crew of Darth Vader!

For anyone wishing to figure out how to post Soundslides to a blog I'm going to try and type out how I'm doing so soon.

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