Sunday, March 23, 2008

Filled with Faith

For the past two weeks I have been working on a story on the Church of San José. It is a small little adobe Catholic church in the South Valley here in Albuquerque. The majority of parishioners are Mexican immigrants. The church is so popular in the area that the parish has out grown their church. There is standing room only on Sundays. And to take pictures during Palm Sunday I had to attend two masses because I couldn't move once I was in place. I grew to love the church and the people and hope they didn't mind me being there. The story and photos ran today, Easter Sunday, on A1.

mp_sanjose303/METRO/Morgan Petroski/031608

mp_sanjose308/METRO/Morgan Petroski/031608

mp_sanjose205/METRO/Morgan Petroski/031308

mp_sanjose306/METRO/Morgan Petroski/031608

mp_sanjose108/METRO/Morgan Petroski/030908

To hear the Soundslides hit the play button.


Tim Hussin said...

Beautiful photos and a great interview on the slideshow. I would like to hear more ambient sounds though, music, people talking/ praying, etc. Just a suggestion. Other than that, it rocks.

andreita said...

i agree with puto up there. but i loooooove the way padre talks, yes. morgan, these photos are really wonderful. from the indivduals you posted, two is very good --- it shows how crowded they are. three is so sweet. in the slideshow, there was at least six or seven photos that made me go 'damn.' it seems like an amazing place and you really kicked ass in covering it, mamacita. <3

Tom McCarthy Jr. said...

I kind of like the lack of ambient sound in this piece. It really helps to set a somewhat spiritual/thoughtful mood in my mind to just have the padre talking. Great job, nice closer.