Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lost to the Fire

What a day this was. A reporter and myself went to see the area that had seen the most homes lost to the Trigo fire. We didn't know what we would find. I didn't think we'd find this. The fire was so intense it took out almost everything in this neighborhood. Only a few structures remained scattered amongst those burnt to the ground. The look on the faces of the residents who had returned to dig through their homes was of shock. Many didn't want to talk, which was understandable, so we left them alone to deal with their loss. A few were going to rebuild but they knew it would never be the same. The lush forest they once lived in was now row after row of blackened trees, which will soon fall to the ground.

mp_sherwood02/METRO/Morgan Petroski/050808

mp_sherwood03/METRO/Morgan Petroski/050808

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