Monday, June 09, 2008

In the Rio

I waded into the Rio Grande for a story on the silvery minnows... our guide didn't realize photographers come in different sizes and brought a large set of waders. But I was determined to get my job done and climbed into the pants that I could have used as a tent. I then squished my feet into the size 10 or 11 men's boots and slid into the brown water. It was quite the experience. The mud felt like quick sand a few times and I almost lost one of the large boots that felt like weighted flippers attached to my feet. The whole time though I had to stay focused on the camera. DO NOT DROP THE CAMERA. The muddy waters would not have been forgiving, much like my editors I'm sure. "Um yeah I dropped my brand new camera into the Rio." A statement sure to get me stuck in the office or worse. But in the end both myself and the camera emerged spotless. Actually I got quite the tan on my arms and neck, but that's just part of the job.

mp_minnow01/METRO/Morgan Petroski/052808

mp_minnow/METRO/Morgan Petroski/052808


Tom McCarthy Jr. said...

Those waders look ridiculous on you

Danny Ghitis said...

you look great in that dress.