Thursday, April 13, 2006

Story 1 places 3rd in NPPA student quarterly clip contest

This was a story I did on a young woman with Down syndrome who turned 21. The idea behind it was to show how as she officially became a grown-up she was still very much a child. I had a good time completeing this story as Vicki, my subject, grew attached to me, much like a young child would to an older sibling. It was hard to not interact with her as she tried to tell me things, but her mother was very understanding and would explain to her that I couldn't play. I did once the story was over however. I played tag and shot hoops with her. She was better at basketball, I was better at tag. :)
LINK TO STORY (click on the red slippers to see all the images)
Also my good friend Danny Ghitis won first place in the picture story contest... his new photo blog is

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