Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back to work!

Last weekend was my first weekend back to Ocala. Only one assignment on Sunday, Hash House Harriers. They were quite a fun bunch. They are a club that gathers to run or walk a path set by one of the club members earlier in the day. They must find the correct path as the path setter, aka harrier, sometimes splits the path so they have to find the right one. Once everyone makes it back to the starting point the group stands in a circle and downs beers and pours the remaining drops over their head. They select certain people to stand in the center of the circle and those people have to chug their beers while the rest sing to them. ARTICLE

This weekend was quite busy. On Saturday I had two assignments and on Sunday I had four. Whee feeling of accomplishment washed over me as I turned in the last photos of the weekend. I like those types of weekends/assignment filled days anyway.

Sunday morning bright and early I was out the door for a charity golf tournament. It was rain delayed by an hour and the people running it were quite busy with running the event and making sure the Hooters girls were in their places with water. ARTICLE

Saturday evening I photographed a Voters League Convention Banquet... yawn. It ended up being a later night than anyone thought and I ended up leaving way before it was done because deadline was only 10 mins away. ARTICLE

Sunday I had an assignment to shoot construction of The Villages Hospital. Well Sundays aren't usually the most worker filled days as I guessed. I showed up found a few guys eatting lunch, asked if there was a supervisor on site. Nope, but tomorrow (Monday) there would be. So I ended up just taking building mugs and one shot of a worker on scaffolding who was so far away he because known as "an unidentified worker."

Of course there were more assignments, they just haven't been published yet, I'll keep you updated. The best is yet to come... hopefully it'll get good play.

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