Monday, October 16, 2006


Ecuador was quite an experience. I'll be posting photos from it as I have time but for now it's back to school work and working for the Sun and Star-Banner. Sadly I will be ending my weekend work in Ocala very soon because of the heavy demands of school work and looking for an internship to begin in January after graduation. Also with school I am right on the border of being able to graduate with high honors and I don't want that to slip by just because I'm working too much. I've always been very conscious of my grades. So soon it will be less weekly photo posts except those from my spare time self-assigned photos and past photos I've been wanting to put up but never found the time.

But on to some photos from the past weekend. A grand total of 7 assignments, including one feature I found.

Okay actually two, from the same playground, about 5 mins apart. I think the bottom one is more of a feature, while the top is more of a portrait.

Culture Festival
There were more but this is my favorite. I think I'm biased towards dance photos, always spend more time on them to get just the right moment.

Lake County Sheriff Killed
Sheriff Daniels was killed Saturday evening in an accident during a fund-raiser at the Samsula Racetrack, only 3 mins from my parents' house. It was during a School Bus Race charity event that I never saw but often heard (yes actually heard) from living so close to the track growing up. This is his brother-in-law and the PIO addressing the media about the accident and how the family and sheriff's office are coping.

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