Monday, October 16, 2006

Practicing low-light sports

So my boyfriend is part of the #1 ranked intramural flag football team here at UF. He wants to finally win the title with his team to get the winning intramural T-shirt. He's a sucker for any type of free T-shirt but this is the mother of them all. He may be set for a year if his team actually gets this one, atleast that's what I'm hoping for. So for moral support I've decided to attend as many of his games as I can and since they all start around 8 pm or later I've decided to also practice my low light sports actions shooting. The team really enjoys having their own personal photographer and I think it helps to pysch out the opposing team.
Below is my boyfriend's favorite photo thus far. Although he's no photographer, just dating one, I can understand why he likes it, even though I know it's not earth shattering enough to ever run anywhere, the composition is off slightly, the guy laying down has legs cropped off, the list goes on. But he likes it and so I thought it deserves just a little lime light because from his perspective it is, quote, "the perfect picture from the game." So here it is. His team member, center blue T-shirt man, has just scored the final touchdown in a 42-0 game and the referree in the background is still declaring it a touchdown as one member of the white T-shirt team has laid down on the field in defeat. All the pieces are there. That's why he likes it. Me? I'm just happy he likes it. :)

*I'll post my fav from the season at the end of the play-offs.

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