Thursday, January 11, 2007


Monday was full of anticipation as the hours leading to kick-off of the National Championship game ticked by. Four Sun staffers were in Arizona, leaving one staffer, an intern, and about 6 stringers left behind to cover the madness in Gainesville in case they won. I was one of them. I volunteered to do a soundslides piece if we won. At 8 am the next morning when I was leaving the office I kinda of regretted that decision. My body was literally numb and I couldn't stand listening to "It's great to be a FLORIDA GATOR..." one more time. But the Soundslides got done in the end. I recorded most of the audio on it, only one interview and the music playing behind that interview were done by the Gainesville Sun intern Alex Cohn, who also did video. The plan was for him to get back and edit his video and I would edit his sound, my sound, piece together the track, then do the Soundslides.
University Avenue here in Gainesville was mayhem once again. The GPD however greased the light poles this time so people couldn't climb them, or atleast not easily. So people would try and just slip right down, it was pretty humorous. What was not really funny however was the bonfire someone started and the people who climbed so high in the trees that we were afraid to stand under them because the branches looked like they were going to break any second.

MULTIMEDIA - Night of Champions

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