Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First day of the internship!

It's the last day of January and finally the paperwork for my job is mostly done. But today I had my first assignment. (I work the Wednesday-Sunday shift, so technically I started Monday but my first two days I had off.)

So back to this first day. One assignment, a ride-along and a feature hunt to please non-photo editors that didn't like any of the other 3 features turned in. Then on top of this, the feature hunt was called off by the time I got out to the empty park so I sat on a bench for five minutes to feel the warmth of the sunset on my face. Apparently an editor had been convinced to use one of the 3 features as the local centerpiece. Ah the work place. But all in all that was my day thus far and I'll post the photo once it runs. I got to use my new AlienBees and some gridspots, I'll say that. :)

I spent my "day off" on Monday at the Magic Kingdom with friends as a final farewell to the simple life and one last time to be a kid before having a steady 2-11pm job five days a week. It was fun and I got to play MORE with my new point and shoot digital camera that I got for my birthday. The camera is a Canon Powershot SD800IS. It is awesome. As far as point and shoots go this is definitely the way to go.

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