Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Vertical, Horizontal and Square

My assignment:
Portrait of high school goalie, vertical, horizontal and square, because the design team requested it. Now don't discriminate, what about circle?

The horizontal was the first we did and ended up being the one to run. I was kind of proud of the square because this was a last minute assignment and I had about 30 mins to brainstorm anything. The goalie liked the horizontal the most too so I'm sure it made his day when that one ran.
I know generally we shouldn't let our subjects see the photos as the portrait progresses, but in this case it got the guy more and more pumped to keep jumping for me. So whatever works I suppose. Oh I really don't think he was too impressed with the square one but who argues with a young girl photographer who your soccer buddies are flirting with? ;)

1 comment:

Danny Ghitis said...

I like the horizontal the most too. The lighting is a little funky though- how'd you work it? Also mighta worked better from a lower angle. But nice idea overall.