Friday, February 02, 2007

Gymnast & Rain rain rain...

First Assignment: UF Gymnast
Freshman Amanda Castillo has joined the UF gymnastics team from Orlando, Fla. I got to use my lights for this shoot and realized I need more extension cords or just need to get a battery pack so I don't have to rely on outlets.

Rainy Weather Feature
I followed around Buddy Barnard for about 30 mins in the pouring rain during part of his daily mail route in downtown Gainesville. He knows each one of the residents he delivered mail to and knows the history of the neighborhood. He's been delivering mail in Gainesville since the year I was born. And most of his time has been in the neighborhood that I walked with him through. He said, "If you don't know people, you don't know their mail."

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andreita said...

aww. i love the mailman photo! you make me so proud