Saturday, August 11, 2007

New High

The northwest side of Albuquerque is gaining a new high school. Volcano Vista is only accepting a freshmen class this year since about 60% of the campus is still under construction. Thursday night was registration and the first time the students got to visit their brand new school. The halls still smelled of fresh paint and all of the desks hadn't been assembled yet. And yet students really didn't care about that stuff, but instead about their locker location and those of their friends. Their mascot is the Hawks, but out of a newsroom vote we decided it looks more like a raven. I was also almost mistaken as one of the new students, only my camera set me apart and prompted one of the parents to check before assuming.

Go Hawks

Trying to figure out that locker combination

Parents and students were bused in because the school only has 50 parking spots

Already in the principal's office? No, schedule checks

Dude where's my locker?

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