Monday, December 24, 2007

Bell Ranch

I spent a full 24 hours on Bell Ranch this week. The 250,000-acre ranch is amazing. It's for sale right now at $115 million. The people there were great to work with. I so wish I could have gone on a trail ride around the property. From the center of the ranch everywhere you looked was part of the property. The sunset and sunrise were amazing and the amount of stars you could see at night was like no other. All in all it was a great experience.


Tom McCarthy Jr. said...

"So, that's how...That's how it is."

Celia Talbot Tobin said...

hey girl,

some great stuff here, I like the ranch bit. Seems like a sweet life.

How do you like the paper? It's in the back of my mind as a possible future internship, but wanted to learn more about it. If easier, give drop me an email- Do you know when the next 6-monther starts there?