Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas in ABQ

A little late here, so with a "Happy New Years!" comes a belated "Merry Christmas!" Christmas eve in Albuquerque becomes a night when the city is illuminated by luminarias. Old town plaza is coated in them and the glowing little lunch sack trails flicker along streets and adobe walls. It was a frenzy of photographers, many who wanted to chat it up about how this year's sunset made for better photos than in years past, etc. The beautiful blue sky time only lasted for about 15-30 mins, which is when you saw all the photographers almost fighting for space to out shoot each other. Some were even following me around, waiting for me to finish and then shooting from exactly where I had stood.

Christmas day gave me a great present I'm not sure I will ever get to do again. Shoot Santa Claus' wedding. YES, SANTA CLAUS. He has ID to prove it. He legally changed his name a few years ago. And this year he was married, where else but in front of a Christmas tree and fireplace. Mrs. Claus said she met Santa country dancing. She said he's a good dancer and since he's a better cook than herself he cooks all their meals, he even made their wedding cake, topped of course with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

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