Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Slew of portraits.

Lately it seems as if I've been on portrait detail. Just my imagination I'm sure...

UNM's new announcers were shot in the studio, where I attempted some film noir look. It sorta worked I suppose. Next was a quick office shot of two Sandia Lab researchers who helped crack the anthrax case. They were finally given clearance to talk about their work last month. Then I photographed a Picuris Pueblo potter. And finally a man who has worked at a local hospital for nearly 47 years cleaning surgery tools.

And there are more portraits of UNM's Louie and Lucy Lobo, but they haven't ran yet, so I'll hold off on those for now.


mp_anthrax04/A1/Morgan Petroski/082108

mp_picuris01/ARTS/Morgan Petroski/081308

mp_lucero01/A1/Morgan Petroski/081808

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Angel said...

Nice portraits.