Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Fight

Ah Boxing. So this was an adventure. I volunteered to tag along with another staff photographer on Friday to learn the ropes of shooting boxing since it's kind of a big deal here, but ended up shooting it solo. The main event was Albuquerque's own Holly Holm who is a local celebrity and mighty fine boxer. She holds the WBC & IFBA World Titles and after Friday night's fight has a record of 20-1-2 (with 5 KO's). I have never watched boxing let alone shoot it before so I was praying for a miracle that I wouldn't screw up shooting at least the main event. I ended up enjoying myself quite a bit and found myself by the end of the night wishing for more blood and sweat. Holly won her match after her opponent suffered a cut near her eye and the match was ended. She walked away with her belts intact and I walked away happy to have successfully survived my first fight.

(Final note: Holly is the blonde and she was fighting Mariem Brakache from Atlanta, GA.)

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Tom McCarthy Jr. said...

It doesn't look like praying for a miracle means the same thing to you as me. Some nice shots here. It looks like the lighting was pretty good for you, too.