Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Pets of the Week

Today I caused quite a stir in the newsroom with this photo. I think everyone wanted to adopt this little guy. Every week we photograph pets of the week at three different animal shelters. Sometimes it feels like a lowly assignment but most of the time I secretly look forward to getting to play with the dogs and cats. Last week I met a dog I couldn't forget. Today I checked and she had been adopted, good thing, because actually I can't handle more than one dog for now.
My mother can vouch that I am probably the worst person to send week after week back to the animal shelters based on my track record of bringing home animals growing up, but I return each week and so far haven't made any adoptions. However, I'm sure that will change since I'll be here for a while now. I haven't mentioned it yet on here, but as of yesterday I am officially a staff photographer for the Journal.

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Tom McCarthy Jr. said...

Congratulations! Also, I, too, would look forward to the chance to photograph the puppies every week.