Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The hole that ate Paseo

Road construction made the headlines when a MAJOR road had to close westbound here. Normally not only is road work not big news but it's something we all dread having to go photograph because it's always the same thing. This one however was a water line that broke and the road flooded and froze and then had to be dug up. But it took days. And when I was sent out to get some shots I wasn't too excited, but the construction guys were very helpful and let me climb in right next to the main hole. Maybe not the safest thing to do but it was kinda cool. One of those moments that makes you feel like a little kid again because you're amazed by this huge hole right next to your feet.

1 comment:

Alvin said...

I would probably get peeved and slip off into that giant hole that probably leads into hell.