Monday, February 18, 2008

One of those days...

Yesterday I had one of those days. First my car wouldn't start and since it was 8 am on a Sunday Volkswagen wasn't open. After a few failed attempts at a jump start I gave up and got a ride to work. Then my only assignment of the day was a reuniting with an owner and their cat that had somehow traveled 340 miles away. Cheesy, but at least a crowd pleaser type of story.

Well I pull up to the house where the reunion is about to take place, and right behind me are three TV crews. It was a slow news day. The animal service guy with the cat goes to knock on the door and there is no answer. Ut oh. A few phone calls later and about 15 minutes later he walks over with interesting news. Apparently the cat had been a Christmas gift from a woman to her fiancé. It was the fiancé that was going to get the cat today. BUT the couple had broken up this weekend and he was no where to be found. The woman was in the middle of her shift at Olive Garden. So guess where we were off to... Olive Garden! Oh boy.

Our caravan of news cars arrives at Olive Garden as curious patrons are looking out the windows and walking out of the restaurant. We are all joking around saying the people inside will have thought someone died by the amount of attention we are attracting.

Finally the woman appears to reclaim her cat. Suddenly I'm vying for position with the TV crews around this petite girl and the cat carrier. We can't take the cat out for fear it may run again. Lovely.

In the end she wasn't even able to take it home that day or today because of her work schedule so the cat went to the animal shelter for later pick-up.

Then for the rest of the day a stomach bug left me curled in a ball in the office and on the couch.

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