Monday, July 03, 2006

Glimpse of Miss Florida Candidates

Last weekend I photographed the Miss Florida and the Miss Florida Teen finalists for Marion County, Silver Springs and Ocala during their send-off party. It was basically their last dry run through of the competition which will be held this week and end this Saturday in Miami. It was a showcase for the contestants family and friends to see what they would be competing in and to see what they've been working on for the pageant since most wouldn't be making it down to Miami to watch them first hand. The area is sending four contestants, two for each competition. During the showcase each girl presented her outfit for each catagory and also performed her talent piece. They even answered practice questions on stage. Something the girls were not too happy about. They ran back and forth from the dressing room as each girl had atleast five outfits or more to change into. I haven't found the link to the article that ran with these pictures but I'll keep looking. Luckily they ran my favorite, but they also ran a very similar one that I wouldn't have run with my favorite because of the similar angle and blue mat background. Oh well, I should have editted a little more tightly I suppose. The others are okay, but once again I don't think some of the better photos ran. Here are the five that made the copy desk edit.

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