Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Work, work, work

The family reunion I shot 3 weeks ago finally ran this past Saturday. I haven't seen the page but I think A LOT of the photos ran. Is that good or should they have edited? I'll have to see the page. Here's my favorite, although I don't think it screams family reunion I really like it. The story was how family reunions often now include a church service together. ARTICLE

This weekend was the first weekend of tax free back to school shopping. I had a few difficulties getting into Kmart but finally got shoots from there. This one below was from my frantic try to find a fix when Kmart first said no. It was shot in the Dollar Tree, they were very media friendly. The manager was at the door and said 'sure come on in.' The Kmart stuff shouldn't run until Thursday.

On Saturday because of breaking news another photographer missed an assignment and by the time I went to cover it, it was over. Thus the paper needed a centerpiece. I've been wanting to photograph 'The Park' a local skate park that I pass every weekend on 441, so Saturday I got my chance. Here are the two that ran as a centerpiece package on Local.

Sunday I photographed LeRoy Collins, Jr., who's running for U.S. Senate. He was suppose to give a town hall style meeting at The Villages and only 8 people, including 4 media people showed up. It was very short notice and raining, so that's probably why not many showed. ARTICLE

More photos from this weekend to come...

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