Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend work

This weekend I had three assignments; it was a slow weekend. Saturday morning I photographed a memorial service for a WWII casualty. The soldier finally received a headstone and proper recognition. The service was literally in a cow pasture and far out in the middle of nowhere. But it was a nice moving service as about 20+ relatives, most that had never met the man gathered to say goodbye.

Also on Saturday I was to photograph a pet-look-a-like contest at a craft fair fundraiser for the local humane society but the craft fair suffered from a lack of publicity and no one showed up except the vendors and one little old lady that wanted to dress up her Chichuachua as Superman. Here's the only photo out of that event.

On Sunday I got to find my own centerpiece package and since it was so hot I hit up the local public waterpark. Here's my favorite shot from that.

Last weekend I had to shoot a portrait of two teens that had recently returned from a mission trip to Ecuador. We showed up at their church but there was a wedding going on so shooting inside was out. It was time to test my flash and portrait skills... I guess this one turned out better than the last. I just wasn't happy however because I didn't know how to pose them best. How do you relate "missionary" into a portrait of teens in T-shirts? Didn't help that the reporter didn't tell them to bring anything. I'll keep thinking on how I could have posed them better and maybe I'll think of something. Here's the photo though...

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